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How to congratulate your best friend with his wedding? How to say congratulations to a colleague who just got a promotion or a new job? There are many occasions where you need to congratulate someone. A birthday, a new baby born, retirement, graduation, an anniversary, a great achievement, or a new house; these are just a few examples of the wide range of congratulatory occasions. Yet, many people find it difficult to know the best way to congratulate someone. This is made even harder by the fact that every celebration occasion asks for a different approach. Of course, you can simply say something along the lines of "Congratulations" or "You deserve it", but how much cooler it is to come up with a personal or funny message that will be remembered for months (or even years!).

This website is there to help YOU find and share the best congratulations texts and celebration messages. Use this website to find personal or funny congratulatory quotes for all occasions, or post your own texts and see how other visitors rate them.

How does it work? Submit your own congratulatory text, short poem or party message via the "submit" form. We encourage you to share either the best or the worst congratulations texts and quotes you've ever seen or heard of. In that way, other visitors can learn from your experiences. It's all about understanding and sharing what kind of celebration messages will make your friends, family and/ or colleagues smile, and what kind of texts you should avoid. If you submit a congratulations quote, you are asked to indicate the category that your text belongs to. For example, to congratulate a friend or family member with a new house, a baby born, a birthday, or a graduation. Other visitors can vote for it: Do they like (Do) or dislike (Don't) your way of congratulating someone? You can also vote for other messages and poems yourself, or comment on someone else's congratulations quote. Please don't forget to create your own CongratulationsText account!

For now, please don't wait any longer. Check out this website to find unique ideas and ways to congratulate your friend, family member, acquaintance or colleague. Send a cool congratulation text by sms, write down your funny congrats message on a card, or congratulate your best friend in person. Make his or her party complete! Celebrate! Impress!

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